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About the artist

Swedish artist Mike S. Mall have been painting casually off and on most of his
 adult life, alongside career and family.
 After years of sketching and drawing,
 even trying acrylic painting for a while, he moved to oil painting after
 he felt confident enough to work in this difficult medium.

A lifelong fan of comic books and American superhero characters, Mike
 wanted to paint his own vision of the fine pen & ink drawings
 once featured on his favourite comic book covers.

About oil painting

An oil painting needs to be built up on many semi-transparent layers of paint
and brush strokes. Every brush stroke is additive towards the end
 result in some way, shape or form.

Should the artist not be satisfied with any part of the ongoing work which
happens quite a bit, it can always be corrected by wiping the paint off,
or wait until it is completely dry and start over.
 This is all part of the process and to discover what works and what not.

This technique differ from the one used to create a pen & ink drawing, as
 oil painting is an art that requires patience and perseverance and progress
 can be painfully slow, however, this ensures the artwork's integrity
 as consistency, durability and quality is unmatched.

The images below show the fascinating process in the creation of Mike's
comic art paintings. From sketch to layer after layer, one can see
 how the painting gradually comes to life.