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How To Order


Buyer Protection Guarantee and
 Return Policy



Secure Online Shopping

We use CCNow, an online retailer for thousands of suppliers on the internet,
 as We find their Consumer Protection Policy a good safeguard for
 buyers, aswell as offering secure payments.

As a payment alternative, We also accept PayPal payments, as they offer
equally secure payments and a good Purchase Protection Program.
Please contact Us should you prefer to use PayPal directly
 through our PayPal account.


How To Order
Simply click the purchase button next to the large scan of the artwork and
 you will be directed to CCNow's secure online transaction system.
Follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

 All credit card purchases are charged in U.S. dollars. Should you use a non
 US credit card, your bank will automatically convert to your home

 currency based on the current exchange rate.

Free International Delivery

Paintings will be delivered FREE of charge using Swedish Postal Service
 Priority Mail International.
 Orders are dispatched after
 payment received. Please allow 4-6 days delivery time
within EU and 8-10 days all non EU countries.